Os Cristina Diaries

At the end of the day, an emotional Cristina sat down on a bench outside the hospital, where Thomas joined her. He revealed he once had been in a plane crash too, and he never talked about it.

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Owen started caring for this family and questioned her move, asking her about Russell's approval. She reminded him he was her patient, but he went to talk to Russell about it. He agreed with Cristina's plan, though Owen suspected he may only do so because he was afraid of her, like she suspected herself. Cristina asked what was going on and he explained that Paul had a little boy of whom both parents were hospitalized. She assured him she only made the decision in the best interest of her patient and, just like him, wanted Ethan to see his dad again. He hugged her and apologized for his behavior. She proposed they get out together. He agreed, but first went to to spend time with Ethan without her knowing.[26]

During the hospital shooting, Cristina and Meredith initially didn't take the lockdown alert seriously. They assumed lockdown meant not leaving the building and so lackadaisically wandering around. Derek found them and ordered them into a supply closet to hide. Cristina was peaking out of the window and saw the shooter, recognizing the man who asked for directions to Chief Derek Shepherd's office.

The couple reconciled and officially became a couple.[43] When Cristina and Burke went on their first official date out of the hospital, they realized that they have almost nothing in common.

An intimate journey of a 37-year-old Cristina, as fate brings to her life both a new love and an unbeatable challenge. Determined to pass on a message of hope and a 'live in the now' mentality, Cristina's second cancer takes a toll on her diminishing body, however her love for Bruce only grows. Bruce stands by her side while juggling work and financial strains. The film follows Cristina's journey into her deep AMOUR, one that supports and lifts her up.

No POR DIA seguinte mandou me mostrar e eu o conheci pessoalmente. Expliquei meus projetos e pude ouvir AS SUAS sugestões. Foi este primeiro por muitos encontros qual tive usando ele. E até Este momento me surpreendo com a ideia de que tive.

Lastly, he proposed they rename the hospital, as they were building a new hospital that stands for leading and innovation and he wanted them to remember they were a hospital run by doctors, which should mean something. He suggested a name to remember the very reason they came together and been able to do this. He turned around a paper and revealed the name "Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital", a name that examplifies the spirit of the hospital but also the depth of their dedication. With every member of the board voting in favor, the hospital was officially renamed.[24]

In "The Green House", she can be seen moved to the picture of the polar bear with the rest of Mrs. Johnson's class, despite that at the end the original source of "Making the Case", Lincoln said she switched classes after she saw his video.

He confessed he wanted to wanted to be around in quarenta years to "rip the scalpel out of" Cristina's hands after she becomes to old to practice, though they only had two failed attempted dates at that point.

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